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One of our patients here at the DENTAL STUDIO SF once favorably compared our office to the Apple Store, which ultimately speaks to our innovative and modern approach to dentistry. The reason we take this “Modern Dentistry” approach is because we are genuinely advancing and elevating the whole concept of dental treatment.

In the past, the general thinking about the prospects of a visit to the dentist’s office seemed to be full of dread. Many individuals perhaps looked upon dental treatment as a chore, one that would involve an inconvenient disruption to their normal daily routine. In other cases, people have been sincerely frightened about undergoing dental treatment. This “dental phobia” is extremely common and affects patients across the age spectrum. Fear of dental care or frustration about the time and energy involved in the treatment process has traditionally led some individuals to decide that having necessary dental treatment (even if it’s just a check-up and a cleaning) is simply not worth it.

This is one of the many reasons why our team of dentists in San Francisco and the entire staff at the DENTAL STUDIO SF are actively working on changing the way people look at dentistry in general. Maintaining oral health is absolutely vital. Without regular visits to the dentist, small dental problems can become much bigger ones, ultimately leading to serious risks to both oral health and overall health. With our Modern Dentistry approach, the DENTAL STUDIO SF is focusing on the future by incorporating the latest technologies and organizational innovations to provide every patient who walks through our doors the most convenient, efficient, and comfortable experience possible while customizing treatments to produce healthy, beautiful smiles.

Here are some of the ways in which the DENTAL STUDIO SF is doing our part to modernize dentistry and make dental care more pleasant and convenient for our patients:

The Use of Advanced Diagnostic and Treatment Technology

Staying on top of recent advances in diagnostic and treatment techniques helps the DENTAL STUDIO SF provide patients with more precise and accurate treatment. This can also result in a quicker, safer, and more pleasant dental care experience. Some of the many advanced technologies we use at our practice include:

These innovations are just a few of the many advanced techniques we employ here at the DENTAL STUDIO SF to give our patients the most modern and effective experience while they are in our care.

A “Paperless” Office Devoted to Environmental Care and Efficient Communication

As the tech revolution progresses, we’re trying to stay on top of the wave. Our practice works to streamline interoffice & patient communications, scheduling, and record-keeping by embracing the latest technologies. We provide voluntary automated emails and text reminders to help patients remember upcoming appointments, and our team utilizes the Slack business communications app for office communication. We also have an advanced digital system for dental records that saves an enormous amount of time for our patients, ultimately giving us much of the information we need within seconds, and allowing us to transmit any necessary documentation to insurance companies virtually instantaneously.

Plus, our practice is committed to a green environment, and we take numerous steps to do our part. In addition to minimizing the use of paper as much as possible, our utilization of technology such as digital x-ray and impression systems allows us to reduce reliance on photo developing chemicals and other types of material that have shown to be harmful to the environment.

A Comprehensive Selection of Diverse Treatment Options

Going right along with our dedication to providing an elevated, Modern Dentistry experience to our patients, The DENTAL STUDIO SF strives to continuously add to our comprehensive and versatile selection of treatment options. In addition to the standard treatments often found at traditional dental offices, we have the experience and training necessary to give patients a more expansive assortment of procedures that can enhance dental function and health, as well as overall facial aesthetics. Options include:

Cosmetic Dentistry

General Dentistry

Laser Therapies

Dental Implants

TMJ Disorder Treatment

Treatment for Myofacial Pain

A Staff of Extensively Trained and Experienced Dental Professionals

All the impressive dental technology and instrumentation in the world would be essentially useless without a trained and experienced professional to guide it. The DENTAL STUDIO SF is staffed with a dedicated team of individuals who have devoted their careers to the field of dental care and dental aesthetics. From our accomplished dentists Jarrod Cornehl, DDS and Dr. Kevin Tan to our skilled team of hygienists, assistants, and administrators, the DENTAL STUDIO SF is composed of impeccably credentialed and caring professionals who genuinely want to make your visit with us the best it can possibly be.

Through the combination of our experienced, friendly dental team and the Modern Dentistry approach to care, we aim to give all of our patients a unique and inviting alternative to traditional dental treatment!

If you would like to learn more about our practice, or if you are ready to schedule a consultation, please contact the DENTAL STUDIO SF today.

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