Myofascial Pain Treatment

BOTOX® injections or other trigger point injections may be recommended by our dentists if you suffer from chronic myofascial pain. But what exactly is this pain condition? It involves discomfort caused by tensed, knotted muscles. The pain usually begins at the trigger point but is “referred,” so it is felt in other areas of the body.

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What Is Myofascial Pain?

Myo- is a prefix referring to muscles, while fascia is the connective tissue surrounding your muscles, thus the word myofascial indicates pain in the muscles and fascia. At the DENTAL STUDIO SF, our dentists see many cases of orofacial pain related to myofascial trigger points (orofacial pain occurs in the mouth, jaws, and face). Most cases of orofacial pain originate from the muscles and fascia surrounding the temporomandibular joints, or TMJs.

Myofascial pain can be so debilitating that it affects your daily life. It originates in your muscles, at the trigger points, which are focused areas of tense muscles. Your muscles’ trigger points may cause the symptoms if they are stressed, strained, or overworked.

If you experience chronic myofascial pain, you may have a point in your body where the pain is focused. It may feel like aching. The pain may originate in the muscle affected, or it may be “referred” pain, meaning you feel it somewhere else nearby or far from the point of origin.

Myofascial pain emanating from a trigger point has been linked to:

This type of tenderness can be truly life-altering. The daily inconvenience and discomfort are not anything you should have to live with. Ask our dentists about your treatment options today.

What Are the Treatment Options for Myofascial Pain?

Effective treatment relies mostly on finding the source of the soreness and the cause. Most often, myofascial pain is treated with some combination of the following:

These are just several of the most common options. There are other potential treatments for myofacial pain that can be discussed.

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