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Laser Therapies

Fotona-logoLaser technology has revolutionized the fields of dentistry, medicine, and aesthetic enhancement, offering a truly state-of-the-art way to address numerous concerns. Dr. Jarrod Cornehl and our team here at the DENTAL STUDIO SF embrace laser treatment platforms such as the LightWalker® system from Fotona, a leading developer of laser innovations for more than five decades. With LightWalker® laser therapies, we can utilize a minimally-invasive approach to help many patients successfully improve a variety of oral and dental health conditions, as well as reduce signs of aging and other concerns affecting facial aesthetics.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Therapy?

The Fotona LightWalker® laser technology allows our dental team to treat a wide range of dental and aesthetic concerns in a faster, more comfortable, and more efficient way. Laser treatment with the LightWalker® system is designed to be incredibly precise for both hard-tissue and soft-tissue therapies, with little to no bleeding while the laser simultaneously disinfects the treatment area. The Fotona LightWalker® platform includes two laser wavelengths – Er:YAG and Nd:YAG – to enhance the efficiency of the treatment process and produce excellent results. Ultimately, laser therapy can help patients achieve their goals while reducing the risk of excessive bleeding and infection, minimizing potential harm to surrounding tissues during treatment, encouraging more rapid healing, and significantly diminishing recovery time.

During your initial consultation, our dentist in San Francisco will evaluate your needs and talk with you about your concerns to determine whether laser therapy is the most ideal treatment option.

Laser Dentistry Options

laser-therapyLaser treatment with the LightWalker® system can be utilized for an extensive array of common conditions. Some of the many procedures for which laser-assisted dentistry can be included are:

Additionally, the LightWalker® laser system’s NightLase® treatment can benefit many patients who suffer from snoring. This fast procedure is designed to enhance quality of sleep, and requires no downtime following treatment. Plus, the LightWalker® can be used as a photobiomodulation technique for a number of common conditions, including TMJ Disorder and persistent facial pain.

Laser Facial and Dental Aesthetic Therapies

Laser therapy offers many patients a minimally-invasive way to achieve a variety of cosmetic enhancement goals. Among several other options at our practice, some of the more popular laser therapies for aesthetic concerns include:


LipLase™ offers an all-natural way to provide the lips with a smoother and fuller appearance. The laser serves to help stimulate collagen remodeling, allowing for an enhanced lip contour and a more youthful appearance. No injectable filler solution is necessary, and no downtime is required after treatment.


SmoothLase® is an anti-aging treatment that harnesses the power of laser energy to diminish signs of wrinkles and fine lines with long-lasting results. This laser application can produce enhanced firmness and tone with very natural-looking outcomes. The procedure is often virtually painless and no downtime is required.

Neck Rejuvenation

Laser therapy can help many individuals effectively rejuvenate the appearance of the neck without the need for invasive surgery. The laser can target areas of tissue exhibiting mild to moderate signs of sagginess and inelasticity, ultimately helping to tighten and tone those areas for smoother results and a more youthful neck contour.


The Fotona TouchWhite™ procedure is a laser-assisted tooth whitening treatment that offers a gentle, minimally-invasive way of giving the teeth a healthier, whiter, and more refreshed look. By using the TouchWhite™ method in our teeth whitening procedures, we can make the treatment faster and help patients achieve outstanding results.

If you have questions about our advanced laser therapies, please contact the DENTAL STUDIO SF today. A member of our team will be happy to provide you with additional information, or assist you with scheduling a consultation here at our practice.