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You deserve a dazzling, younger-looking smile. Professional in-office teeth whitening at the DENTAL STUDIO provides a safe, quick cosmetic solution for dull and dingy teeth that allows you to return to your day with a brighter smile.

If you are ready for a confident, sparkling smile, contact the DENTAL STUDIO today online or at 415-392-5025 to schedule an appointment with our experienced cosmetic dentists. Our San Francisco office helps people from throughout the Bay Area get brighter smiles, including residents of San Rafael, Oakland and Berkeley.

What Types of Stains Can Teeth Whitening Address?

Young couple laying in a hotel bed | The DENTAL STUDIOThe teeth whitening treatments offered at the DENTAL STUDIO can dramatically improve the appearance of stains and discolorations that have developed over the years, due to:

  • Aging
  • Smoking
  • Foods such as berries, beets and tomato sauce
  • Dark-colored drinks like wine, coffee and soda
  • Congenital tooth discoloration
  • Tooth infections and injuries
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Certain prescription medications

ZOOM! 2 Professional Whitening System

Zoom! 2 is a fast, safe and proven teeth whitening system that has helped millions of people enjoy whiter, brighter smiles. Treatment is simple, painless and under the supervision of our dentists.

A protective guard will be placed to protect your gums from the whitening gel. Once the gel has been applied to your teeth, a special laser will be used to activate the gel’s effect. Results are immediate. You won’t have to wait weeks to see the effects of your treatment.

Advantages of Zoom! 2 laser whitening include:

  • Completed in about an hour
  • Whitens up to 8 shades brighter
  • Leave our office with a brighter smile
  • Long-lasting results with occasional at-home touchups

Our dentists regularly evaluate a variety of teeth whitening systems and technology. They have specifically chosen Zoom! 2 for use at the DENTAL STUDIO based on its consistently high quality of results. Following your treatment, you will be given customized bleaching trays to use at home to maintain long-lasting results.

Ultradent’s Opalescence Boost

Opalescence take-home teeth whitening kits offer superior results compared to drugstore teeth whitening or bleaching kits. Unlike over-the-counter alternatives, Opalescence trays are specially customized to fit the contours of your teeth, eliminating the risk of inconsistent whitening. Choosing Opalescence over store-brands also reduces the risk of oral tissue irritation and excessive tooth sensitivity.

By applying the Opalescence Teeth Whitening at Home, you can:

  • Whiten your teeth on your own time
  • Whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home
  • Get optimal results with customized teeth trays

How Long Does Tooth Whitening Last?

The results of your teeth whitening treatments can last two or more years if you maintain a diligent oral hygiene regimen which includes the whitening take-home trays provided by the DENTAL STUDIO.

Preventing Future Teeth Stains

Now that your teeth are newly whitened, what can you do to delay future yellowing? Here are a few ideas:

  • Drink with a straw. Fruit juice, soda, iced tea and iced coffee can be sipped through a straw to prevent some of the liquid from contacting your tooth enamel. Of course some of the liquid will still touch your teeth, but it's a good way to prevent stains nonetheless.
  • Add milk to your coffee or tea. Protein in dairy milk binds to stain-causing compounds in coffee and tea, carrying them away to your stomach. Note that it is a protein specific to dairy milk. Dairy alternatives like soy, almond and coconut milk will not have this effect.
  • Rinse with water. Plain water will rinse stain-causing compounds off your teeth. Swish with water after consuming one of the discoloring foods or beverages.
  • Enjoy crunchy vegetables. Raw broccoli or celery is a great way to stimulate saliva and gently scrub your teeth. The saliva will rinse away staining compounds.
  • Chew sugarless gum. Chewing gum stimulates saliva and picks up food debris from your teeth.
  • Brush your teeth. Great oral hygiene is another important way to prevent yellowing of the enamel. Brush 2-3 times per day, but wait about half an hour after eating to do so. In the 30 minutes following a meal, your teeth enamel is sensitive because the acids in food soften it. The enamel hardens again in the half hour or so after a meal.
  • Don't smoke! Smoking is not only horrible for your health, it definitely yellows your teeth. If you smoke or chew tobacco, quitting is one of the best things you can do for your whole health and your smile.

Even with the best of efforts, you may develop smile dinginess. Fortunately, touch-up teeth whitening will restore your results.

Foods and Beverages That Discolor Teeth

Certain dining options have greater staining potential than others:


  • Certain sauces, mainly tomato, curry, barbecue, soy and vinegar-based
  • Blueberries, cranberries, raspberries and blackberries
  • Candy


  • Red, white and rosé wine
  • Green tea and black tea
  • Sports drinks like Gatorade
  • Soda, both light and dark
  • All fruit juices – grape, apple, cranberry, etc.

Some of these foods are healthy and fun to enjoy, so you may not want to eliminate them completely. With the stain prevention tips listed above, you should be in good shape to mitigate the discoloring effect of your cuisine.

What About Veneers for a Whiter Smile?

Porcelain veneers also have the effect of whitening your teeth. You choose the shade of veneers you want, and the thin porcelain pieces are placed over the front surface of your teeth. Any discoloration or dinginess below the veneers is concealed, as well as any chips, cracks, worn edges or other flaws.

Veneers may last up to a decade or longer before they need to be replaced. The porcelain material is highly resistant to stains. But general wear and tear over the years may call for replacing old veneers.

When to Get Teeth Whitening

This treatment can be performed in the days or weeks prior to special events, including weddings, retirement parties, holiday parties, graduations, etc. The great thing about the in-office ZOOM! procedure is that the results are ready to go after a single appointment, so you can schedule the appointment shortly before your event. The Opalescence Boost take-home treatments require at least a couple weeks to work.

If you are planning to get a tooth restoration – such as veneers, a tooth crown or dental implant – you should whiten your teeth beforehand. The restorations will not respond to the whitening agents. But they can be matched to the color of your newly whitened teeth.

Schedule Your Teeth Whitening Appointment Today

Bright, dazzling teeth are a critical component of a confident, winning smile. To schedule your teeth whitening appointment today, please call the DENTAL STUDIO at 415-392-5025. We proudly serve the San Francisco community, including San Rafael, Oakland, Berkeley and the rest of the Bay Area.

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