Is Dental Insurance Limiting Your Care?

Dental Plan Benefits Dentist Medical Healthcare Hygiene Concept[/caption]Effective dentistry creates healthy, beautiful smiles. Dental insurance policies do not always pay for the treatments that will be the most effective for you. Our dentists will prioritize what is best for your dental health when they make recommendations. Your dental insurance policy may cover a portion of the costs or it may not, but know that we will not let insurers dictate your care. You are our number one priority!

Dental Insurance Shortcomings

At the DENTAL STUDIO, we want each of our patients to get the tailored dental care they deserve. We utilize your dental insurance to the fullest extent possible, but our main concern is your best oral health. There are a few limitations when it comes to dental insurance and the dentistry you need:

Dental insurance is a discount for care. Dental insurance is different than other insurance. It works like a coupon. You receive a discounted price on a limited number of services.

Dental insurance doesn’t always cover necessary dentistry. It can be frustrating, as a patient, to learn that your dental insurance won’t pay for a treatment or procedure you need. We understand our patients have certain financial restraints, and we do our best to help you navigate your policy. It’s also important to know that you are your best advocate as the policyholder. You have the most sway in getting the benefits you are entitled to in your policy.

While dental insurance is far from ideal, it’s not all bad. Below, we describe how it can be a great way to receive a discounted rate on certain types of prevention.

Preventive Services: The Most Important Insurance Policy

One of the favorable aspects of dental insurance is that just about all of the policies provide a discounted price for routine cleanings and checkups. This bedrock care identifies and prevents a host of problems, including:

Preventive care is itself insurance against bigger dental problems. By catching and preventing dental disease and tooth damage in early stages, the dentist can stop their advancement. You will save money, time and hassle in the long run. For example, a small cavity is easier to treat and repair than advanced decay requiring root canal treatment.

How To Get The Most From Dental Care

Here are a few tips to insurance as it results to your dentistry care:

We are here for you. Don’t let insurance coverage be the last word on the care you receive. Get tailored recommendations based on your unique needs, and then let our office help you plan for the cost.

Financing Your Dentistry

When you are considering a restoration or procedure not included in your plan, talk to our office about how to make up the difference. Or, you may decide you’d like to finance the entire procedure. This option can be convenient for cosmetic dentistry like porcelain veneers and teeth whitening, which are not covered under the vast majority of plans but can dramatically rejuvenate your smile.

At the DENTAL STUDIO, we currently accept financing plans from:

Dental Insurance FAQs

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