Dental Insurance

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Front desk of the DENTAL STUDIO in San Francisco, CaliforniaBesides the awesome patient experience at the DENTAL STUDIO, the last thing in your mind is probably your dental insurance. There are a couple of important things to know about dental insurances:

  • Most insurance plans have a total benefits limit. Although most insurance plans cover 100% of preventative services (e.g. cleanings), other services (e.g. root canal, oral surgery) may only be covered up to a specific percentage. Everyone's plan is different. Learn more about the limitations of dental insurance and check with your insurer to see your coverage.
  • At the DENTAL STUDIO, we can help estimate on how much your treatment will cost before your insurance is used. It is still your responsibility to check with your insurance based on your treatment plan. As a courtesy, we bill your insurance for the services performed. If your insurance does not sufficiently cover your treatment, that cost will be extended to you.
  • We also offer flexible patient financing to help you fit treatment into your budget.

The DENTAL STUDIO does not create a treatment plan around insurance coverage. Our goal is to keep you healthy and smiling for years to come!

If you are uncertain about some details about your insurance, please contact us directly at 415-392-5025.