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Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) Facial Injections

Platelet-rich fibrin, or PRF, is a completely natural aesthetic injectable that can rejuvenate the appearance of your face. Using a concentration of your own blood, Dr. Cornehl can restore youthfully smooth skin. The injections also work over time, promoting the generation of new collagen.

As an experienced aesthetic dentist, Dr. Jarrod Cornehl has extensive knowledge of the structure of the face and its underlying tissues. His injectable plan for you will be tailored to your face and the changes you want to see. To arrange a consultation in San Francisco, please call the DENTAL STUDIO SF at 415-392-5025.

What Are Blood Concentrates?

Blood concentrates are an exciting area of facial aesthetics. You may have heard of the traditional concentrate known as PRP. PRF is another. The concept is simple enough: using your own blood to restore fresher, smoother skin. But it’s not as simplistic as drawing your blood and injecting it. Instead, the withdrawn blood is placed in a centrifuge, which spins the vial at a high speed to separate the different contents of the blood.

After centrifugation, the PRF sample will contain high concentrations of platelets, white blood cells, fibrin and a certain type of stem cell. Compared to PRP, PRF has more platelets per mcL. One way this is achieved is by using low-speed centrifugation. For you as the patient, the important thing to know is that PRF contains high densities of skin-rejuvenating components.

PRF contains fibrin, which contains a lot of blood platelets. These platelets create volume when injected beneath your skin, working like scaffolding to provide support. Another primary difference between PRF and PRP is that the former releases growth factors slowly over days. PRP injections release all of their growth factors in a matter of hours. Growth factors and fibrin help produce new collagen beneath your skin. So with PRF, the collagen production may be longer lasting. Collagen is your body’s own supportive structure beneath the skin, and it diminishes with age. Options like PRF that restore collagen produce smooth, rejuvenated skin.

How Is Platelet-Rich Fibrin Utilized At The DENTAL STUDIO SF?

Happy young woman on a blue background[/caption]Dr. Cornehl offers PRF injections for people who want to rejuvenate and refresh their look. It can be injected in the same areas as most dermal fillers. It improves the skin by correcting some of the most common problems:

Depending on the condition of your skin and what you want to achieve, PRF injections can be combined with Juvederm for an ideal skin-smoothing effect. PRF injections can also be used alone.

For most people, more than one injection session is recommended. In fact, 3-5 treatments may be necessary to get the desired result. These sessions will be spaced about one month apart.

PRF has been used for quite some time in dentistry. For dental applications, PRF promotes healing. Some oral surgeons and periodontists provide it following surgical procedures like wisdom tooth removal and dental implant placement. In these circumstances, it can reduce pain and swelling, and may even help the surgical area heal faster.

Benefits Of PRF

This injectable is a concentration of your own cells. People love that they can use their own natural cells to rejuvenate their skin. The benefits include:

After the injections, you will notice an immediate effect. Your skin will look smoother, fuller and may have a youthful glow. The injections work over time as well. The fibrin and platelets will gradually stimulate the production of collagen. The effects may last up to a year.

PRF Injections Improved With AccuVein® Technology

Dr. Cornehl uses the AccuVein vein illumination device to improve your experience during PRF treatment. This handheld device shines a square patch of infrared light on your skin. The hemoglobin in your blood absorbs the light, making the entire vasculature within the square of light stand out in sharp relief. Dr. Cornehl and you will be able to see your veins and arteries beneath the skin in a way that is impossible with the naked eye alone.

While drawing blood, Dr. Cornehl will be able to quickly and easily visualize the vein. He will also be able to see exactly which areas he wants to avoid. We have found this visualization of the area improves our patients’ experiences and satisfaction. The AccuVein is also used when injecting PRF, BOTOX® or Juvederm® into the tissue, which results in less bruising after the injections are complete.

Find Out If You Are A Candidate In San Francisco

Most people who want to renew their facial appearance are good candidates for PRF injections. To arrange an appointment with Dr. Cornehl, please call the DENTAL STUDIO SF at 415-392-5025. Our guests visit us from across the Bay Area, including San Rafael, Oakland and Berkeley.