JUVÉDERM® Dermal Fillers

With our comprehensive selection of JUVÉDERM® dermal fillers, Dr. Jarrod Cornehl can renew the contours of specific facial features, smooth away signs of age, and help you achieve a more refreshed and youthful appearance. Dr. Cornehl has pursued a considerable amount of additional education and training to become highly proficient with cosmetic injectable procedures, which require extraordinary precision and accuracy in order to achieve the best possible results. He customizes all JUVÉDERM® procedures to each patient’s unique needs and goals, and utilizes advanced techniques to create results that achieve expectations without producing an “overdone” look. Dr. Cornehl can meet with you for a consultation to evaluate your concerns and talk with you about the most ideal options for your goals.


JUVÉDERM® is an injectable dermal filler that can provide patients with a non-surgical way to diminish signs of facial aging and enhance volume in specific features of the face. While an aesthetic injectable such as BOTOX® Cosmetic is designed to prevent facial muscles from contracting, dermal fillers are used to add volume to areas of the mouth or other regions that have deteriorated due to age or other factors. JUVÉDERM® products consist of an injectable gel that contains hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the body.

Dermal fillers such as JUVÉDERM® and its associated line of products can address a variety of problems that affect the appearance of your smile, such as thin, flat lips and sunken cheeks. These products can also improve common signs of aging in a variety of facial areas. Treatment with JUVÉDERM® products offer a number of benefits, including:

Although results vary from patient to patient, the effects of JUVÉDERM® treatment often last for several months, and even more than a year in some cases. Dr. Cornehl will discuss your options, candidacy, and expectations during your initial consultation. If one of our JUVÉDERM® products is right for your needs, he will create a customized treatment plan designed to achieve your goals.

JUVÉDERM® treatments can also be combined with PRF injections. This option involves the injection of platelet-rich fibrin derived from your own blood cells, which are rich with growth factors, stem cells, and other volumizing and smoothing components. Dr. Cornehl can talk with you about all of your options and help you determine the most ideal facial rejuvenation treatments for your needs.

Why Choose Dr. Cornehl for JUVÉDERM® Treatment?

It’s natural to wonder why a dentist may be an ideal choice for treatment designed to enhance and rejuvenate facial aesthetics; but in Dr. Cornehl’s case, there are many reasons why he can be trusted to provide excellent results. Dr. Cornehl’s training and experience in dentistry provides him with extraordinary knowledge of facial anatomy. His extensive additional education in cosmetic injectable procedures allows him to utilize all of his training and skills to provide the precise and intricate treatment necessary to create results that not only meet expectations, but also look both beautiful and natural.

Dr. Cornehl is affiliated with numerous organizations, including the American Academy of Facial Esthetics (AAFE) and the International Academy of Facial Aesthetics (IAFA), that signify excellence in the field. He has also been educated in the AAFE’s Master Level Injector Certification Courses and has obtained extensive training in dermal filler injections for restoring facial volume, enhancing the jaw, rejuvenating the lips and cheeks, diminishing signs of wrinkles and fine lines, and addressing a comprehensive range of concerns affecting one’s facial aesthetic.

Please view Dr. Cornehl’s biography to learn more about his training and credentials. We are also happy to provide you with additional information and answer any questions you may have.

JUVÉDERM® for Lines & Wrinkles

The standard JUVÉDERM® solution can be used to address a number of common concerns, and is particularly adept at reducing tell-tale signs of aging such as lines and wrinkles. JUVÉDERM® can volumize the entire face and make it more taut and firm, ultimately creating a smoother, more youthful aesthetic. This option often produces results that last up to a year.

JUVÉDERM® Ultra and Ultra Plus for Nasolabial Folds and Lip Enhancement

JUVÉDERM® Ultra can be an ideal treatment for patients who would like to diminish signs of creases and lines in the corners of the mouth. It can also address nasolabial folds, commonly known as “smile lines,” that form from the sides of the nose down to the mouth. JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus is an option for individuals who are interested in enhancing volume in the lips or filling in hollow areas around the eyes. This filler can also be useful for softening wrinkles in the eye regions.

JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® for Facial Volume Loss

JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® has the unique distinction of being the first dermal filler of its kind to receive approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for volume enhancement in the mid-face and cheeks for patients aged 21 and older. This innovative solution can fill in wrinkles and fine lines in the mid-facial region and add volume to the cheeks, enhancing facial contours with exceptionally long-lasting results. In fact, the effects of JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® have been known to last up to two years for some patients.

JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA® for Lip Augmentation and Wrinkles

Dr. Cornehl often suggests JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA® for patients who are looking for effective enhancement of the lips and minimization of fine lines that tend to form around the mouth. JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA® can be excellent for lip augmentation, adding volume and more defined contours to the lips with results that look very natural. This JUVÉDERM® product contains a hyaluronic acid composition that is known to be softer and smoother than others, allowing for outcomes that are more subtle and do not appear excessively “augmented.” The results of JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA® often last for up to a year or more.

JUVÉDERM® VOLLURE™ for Severe Facial Wrinkles

For women and men who are experiencing deep and prominent signs of facial wrinkles, JUVÉDERM® VOLLURE™ may be an ideal selection. JUVÉDERM® VOLLURE™ is often beneficial for minimizing signs of severe nasolabial folds, which are also known as “parentheses” or “smile” lines that run between the sides of the nose and the sides of the mouth. This dermal filler adds volume to these areas to make the area appear smoother and more youthful. The effects of JUVÉDERM® VOLLURE™ may last up to 18 months for many individuals.

JUVÉDERM® for Asymmetric Lips

Thin, flat, and asymmetrical lips can deter from the appearance of your smile and undermine much of the other dental work you may have had to enhance your smile’s beauty. JUVÉDERM® is often an ideal lip enhancement option because its smooth texture allows for subtle increases in volume while maintaining the natural appearance you desire. When deciding how much lip filler to use and where to place the injections, Dr. Cornehl will evaluate three key aspects of your lip appearance:

All of these can be affected to a greater or lesser degree by lip augmentation, and it’s important to consider all three factors in order to achieve the best results. Dr. Cornehl will make sure that your lips don’t just become fuller, but that they maintain a natural, proportionate shape that doesn’t look artificial.

JUVÉDERM® for Black Triangles Between the Teeth

The term “black triangles” refers to the dark gaps that can sometimes appear on the sides of teeth following implant therapy, periodontal treatment, and restoration with crowns or bridges. It occurs when the gum tissue below the teeth is not preserved.

Black triangles can cause patients to feel self-conscious about the appearance of their smiles, but the condition can also create some functional problems like the accumulation of food debris and saliva spraying through the gaps when speaking.

JUVÉDERM® can add volume to gum tissue, eliminating gaps and creating proper gum contours. Results can last for up to eight months, after which maintenance injections will be needed.

What Is Treatment with JUVÉDERM® Like?

All of our JUVÉDERM® products are administered by Dr. Cornehl and can be performed right here at our practice. The entire procedure can typically be completed in approximately 30 minutes to one hour. Dr. Cornehl will delicately and carefully inject the solution into the targeted areas of concern with a very fine needle.

Many JUVÉDERM® products contain an ingredient called lidocaine, which is an anesthetic agent that can reduce discomfort during the injections. We can also apply a topical numbing solution to the skin that can further ensure you experience the most comfortable JUVÉDERM® treatment possible.

Most patients who undergo JUVÉDERM® treatments do not need a recovery period following the procedure. In fact, many individuals simply resume their normal daily activities right after treatment. Side effects such as mild redness, bruising, or swelling should dissipate within a few days.

While JUVÉDERM® products are known to produce long-lasting outcomes, the effects will eventually begin to fade. However, many patients can maintain the results for even longer periods with occasional “touch-up” treatments.

AccuVein® to Minimize Bruising from Injections

Traditionally, some degree of bruising is common after cosmetic injectable treatment; however, Dr. Cornehl can utilize an advanced technique called Accuvein® to reduce these effects. AccuVein® allows Dr. Cornehl to view a detailed map of the veins in the area targeted for JUVÉDERM® injections, which helps him see the precise regions to inject the solution for optimal results while enabling him to avoid sensitive veins in the treatment area. The combination of Dr. Cornehl’s skills and experience with JUVÉDERM® injections and AccuVein® technology can lead to enhanced accuracy and less bruising after treatment. AccuVein® is completely non-invasive—it only involves the use of a handheld device that shines an infrared light on your skin to illuminate the veins underneath.

How Much Does JUVÉDERM® Cost?

The cost of JUVÉDERM® treatment at our practice typically starts at about $700-$900 per syringe; however, the total price of JUVÉDERM® is often different for each patient depending on a number of factors that are unique to the personalized treatment plan. These factors include the specific JUVÉDERM® product requested, the number of syringes that will be necessary, the particular areas of the face that will be targeted for rejuvenation, and other associated components. Once your treatment plan has been developed, a member of our staff here at the DENTAL STUDIO SF will provide you with an estimate of the total cost of your JUVÉDERM® procedure. We will be happy to go over it with you and answer any questions you may have. Dr. Cornehl and our team are proud to offer patients a comprehensive variety of payment options to make paying for treatment as convenient as possible. These options include financing arrangements through reputable companies such as Cherry, LendingClub® and ALPHAEON® Credit, which offer financing plans for qualified applicants who are interested in paying for their JUVÉDERM® treatment over time.


Would you like to learn more about JUVÉDERM® or other facial rejuvenation options available from our experienced dentist? Please don’t hesitate to contact us today for additional information, or to schedule a consultation.