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Facial Rejuvenation

A beautiful smile is made all-the-more attractive when you feel confident about your facial appearance. Various facial aesthetic treatments at the DENTAL STUDIO SF can restore glowing, even skin, and smooth away fine lines and wrinkles. As an extensively experienced cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jarrod Cornehl has studied and trained in facial anatomy and musculature. He has completed numerous facial aesthetic master courses and can treat patients right here at our San Francisco practice. To schedule a consultation, please call our staff at 415-472-9076.

Facial Skin Treatments At The DENTAL STUDIO SF

Please follow the links below to learn more about Dr. Cornehl’s facial rejuvenation services:

BOTOX® Cosmetic and Fillers
BOTOX® Cosmetic can effectively relax and smooth wrinkles across the face. While BOTOX® Cosmetic softens lines formed by repeated facial expressions, the dermal filler known as JUVÉDERM® can smooth furrows and folds created by volume loss. Dr. Cornehl can utilize injectable options to address other concerns as well, including gummy smiles, TMJ Disorder, asymmetrical lips, and dark triangles between the teeth.

Platelet-Rich Fibrin
Using a concentration of platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) taken from your own blood, Dr. Cornehl can soften wrinkles and rejuvenate your facial appearance. These injections are 100% natural, and can be combined with JUVÉDERM® and other treatments for optimal results.

Microneedling can boost collagen and elastin in your skin, improving the appearance of wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, poor texture, enlarged pores, acne scars, and other issues. This innovative technique utilizes a small, pen-like device that opens microscopic channels in the skin, ultimately helping the skin repair and rejuvenate itself.

PDO Thread Lift
A PDO Thread Lift is designed to lift and tighten sagging skin in the face, neck, and jowls using safe, absorbable polydioxanone sutures. This minimally invasive treatment can create a refreshed, more youthful appearance without the need for surgery or extensive downtime.

KYBELLA® is an innovative, non-surgical option for patients who are experiencing a “double-chin” due to a collection of excess fat in the upper neck and under the chin. The KYBELLA® solution is approved by the FDA to address this concern, and offers both women and men a way to reduce excess fat and improve profile contours in this area without the need for invasive surgery or long recovery times.

Combination Procedures for More Comprehensive Aesthetic Enhancement 

For many individuals, treatments may be combined. For example, microneedling and PRF injections yield complementary results, and BOTOX® Cosmetic may be combined with JUVÉDERM® to treat all types of wrinkles on the face. The only way to know what’s right for you is to visit Dr. Cornehl for a consultation. After discussing your goals with you, he can recommend those treatments that are a good match.

Most patients at some point need a combination of these services because of what happens during the aging process and how it affects the muscles, collagen, fat, and bone of the head, face, and neck. As a cosmetic dentist who specializes in teeth, smile, and facial aesthetics, Dr. Cornehl understands the specific functions of the muscles of the face and mouth, which can ensure the best health and aesthetic outcomes. Not only is looking great a goal, but Dr. Cornehl wants you to feel great as well!

Keep in mind that some clients may not be good candidates for the services that Dr. Cornehl provides, and he will determine and explain your eligibility during your consultation. If necessary, Dr. Cornehl will refer you to his team of specialists if your needs are more advanced.

Dr. Cornehl’s philosophy centers around fully understanding your concerns and then designing a plan to help you achieve your desired outcome. Dr. Cornehl generally likes to layer his treatments in multiple visits to determine how your tissues are responding to therapies, as well as to get feedback from you in order to work towards a maintenance program of your desired results. Please keep in mind that not all results and desired outcomes will necessarily come from one treatment or one service, AND once you achieve your goals, they must be maintained with additional treatments. Dr. Cornehl sometimes recommends starting out with one or two services and then adding additional treatments down the road if necessary. A cautious approach and close evaluation are Dr. Cornehl’s keys to success, which results in greater patient satisfaction.

Reasons To Choose Dr. Cornehl For Facial Rejuvenation

In San Francisco, you have many cosmetic physicians from which to choose. What differentiates Dr. Cornehl is the extensive qualifications he possesses. He also has a record number of successful procedures that have effectively restored youthfulness to the face. Some of these qualifications include:

Dr. Cornehl has traveled across the world to complete various trainings related to the cosmetic services listed above. He has participated in BOTOX® Cosmetic and dermal filler Master Injector training, and has refined his skills with leading physicians in the injectable industry. Dr. Cornehl has also studied and practiced under experts in microneedling and PRF injections. He continually looks for opportunities to hone his skills and share his knowledge with others in the field.

Dr. Cornehl utilizes state-of-the-art technology that he knows will benefit his patients, such as AccuVein®. This device shines a light on the treatment area that illuminates the veins beneath. Dr. Cornehl will be able to better see where veins are, thereby allowing him to decrease the risk of bumping into them while administering an injectable. This typically results in reduced bruising and a better patient experience.

As a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Cornehl earned his D.D.S. at the University of Texas Health Science Center. This training and education includes understanding the muscles, ligaments, and supporting structures of the face. Because the services listed above are administered to the face, it’s important to choose a doctor who understands what is happening below the surface of the skin, and how these treatments work once administered.

Arrange Your Consultation in San Francisco 

Are you interested in rejuvenating your facial appearance with the cosmetic skin treatments available at the DENTAL STUDIO SF? If so, please call our experienced staff at 415-472-9076 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jarrod Cornehl. Our state-of-the-art, modern office is located in San Francisco, and we proudly provide care for people from across the Bay Area, including Berkeley, Oakland, and San Rafael.