Dr. Desiree Record

Dr. Desiree Record , Dentist in San FranciscoGreetings, everyone! My name is Desiree Record, and I am thrilled to introduce myself as an Associate Dentist at DENTAL STUDIO SF | Dental & Facial Aesthetics. Joining this remarkable practice has been an exciting new chapter in my dental career!

I am dedicated to providing exceptional dentistry and dental education to our valued patients in San Francisco. Growing up in Sacramento, CA, I have always been captivated by the world of dentistry and the opportunity it provides to help others. This passion led me to pursue my education at UCLA Dental School after exploring different paths through travel and gaining diverse experiences. Additionally, my background as a dental assistant for six years and completing a one-year residency program at Community Regional Medical Center Fresno have further enriched my understanding and expertise in the field.

One of the aspects that I genuinely cherish about working here is the incredible staff and the relationships we form with our patients. The teamwork and camaraderie among our team members create a supportive and positive environment where everyone is dedicated to delivering exceptional care. Our patients are the heart of our practice, and it brings me immense joy to be part of their oral health journey.

My dental philosophy can be summed up as “Look good, feel good.” I strongly believe that a healthy and beautiful smile has a profound impact on one’s overall well-being and self-confidence. By providing comprehensive dental care and educating patients about the importance of oral health, I aim to help them achieve not only a radiant smile but also an improved overall quality of life.

Outside of the dental realm, I find pleasure in my hobbies. Roller skating is a source of great fun and exhilaration for me, as it allows me to embrace an active and enjoyable lifestyle. Additionally, I love to savor delicious dinners accompanied by a glass of wine, appreciating the finer things in life and finding moments of relaxation and contentment.

I am truly grateful to be part of such an exceptional practice and to have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the oral health and lives of our patients. I look forward to the journey ahead and the wonderful experiences we will share together. Contact our dental office here!